10 Most Beautiful Mountains for trekking in The World

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10. Routeburn

Across the boundaries of Mount Aspiring and Fiordland National Parks

9. Adam’s Peak

People are clamoring to climb Adam's Peak in central Sri Lanka in great numbers.

  8. Kailash Circuit

In Sri Lanka, there is no shortage of people eager to climb Adam's Peak.

  7. Cinque Terre

You'll pass through lovely Italian villages on this little hike.

  6. John Muir Trail

The Sierra Nevada in California is traversed over 220 miles.

   5. Inca Trail

An iconic hike and sight

   4. Mount Fuji

An active volcano is found on Japan's tallest mountain.

  3.Jyrgalan Valley

Summertime is lush, vibrant, and fresh, with a rich

  2. Missinaibi Headwaters

Only seasoned hikers in excellent physical condition should attempt this.

  1 . Great Ocean Walk

The path is beautiful and fantastic.