bEST BEACHES TO Visit Before You Die

Huge granite rocks that have weathered bookend the shore.

10. Source d’Argent

With a dune height of more than 100 meters, this beach is the tallest in Europe.

9 . Dune du Pyla

It sounds like hell if a beach were constructed of years' worth of trash.

  8  . Glass Beach

The main port is a much better place to rent a bike or a moped.

  7 . Cala Saona

Beach-like but more of a cove, surrounded by rocks and thick forest

 6 .  Fakistra

In a huge circular hole in the ground, there is access to this crescent.

  5 . Playa del Amor

Koh Kradan is a Thai island that is still largely tranquil.

  4 . Koh Kradan

Greenfield Beach

Next to the tranquil waters of Jervis Bay is Greenfield Beach.

   3  . Greenfield Beach

Bora Bora is a clichéd representation of a paradisiacal beach.

   2 . Bora Bora

The Cleveland Way coastal route follows the shoreline.

   1 .  Runswick Bay