MIKE  TYSON  TOP 10        STORIES                                 

  # 10 

The day Tyson became the Tiger King.

  # 9

When Michael Jordan was approached by Tyson

  # 8

When Tyson caught Brad Pitt in the act

  # 7

When Tyson started supporting Peterborough United

  # 6

When Tyson wanted tattoos of hearts on his face

  # 5

The time Tyson gave his Rolls-Royce to a policeman

  # 4

When Notorious BIG overdressed for a party at the Tyson home

  # 3

The youngest  boxer to ever win a heavyweight championship

  # 2

A $10 million estimate for the former world heavyweight champion

  # 1

He's made some very opulent acquisitions with a sizable amount of that cash.