Irish actor Ray Stevenson, known for his role in 'RRR,' passes away at 58, leaving the film industry in shock.

SS Rajamouli pays tribute to Ray Stevenson, highlighting his infectious energy and joy on the sets of 'RRR'.

From Hollywood to Marvel: Ray Stevenson's career showcased his talent for action roles.

Stevenson's breakthrough role came in 'King Arthur' as Dagonet, a loyal Knight of the Round Table.

Marvel fans remember Ray Stevenson as Volstagg, the lovable warrior in the 'Thor' franchise.

The actor's memorable portrayal of Frank Castle in 'Punisher: War Zone' showcased his versatility.

Ray Stevenson's final role in 'Ahsoka': A talented actor's contribution to the Star Wars universe.

Remembering Ray Stevenson: His performance as Baylan Skoll in 'Ahsoka' set to be his last legacy.

A beloved figure: Ray Stevenson's passing leaves a void in the entertainment industry.

Farewell to a versatile actor: Ray Stevenson's soul rests in peace as his legacy lives on.

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