Toyota Hilux is a globally recognized pick-up truck known for its adaptability and dependability.

It is used in various roles from military applications to conservation efforts in ecologically sensitive areas.

The Hilux is not as popular in North America, but it is highly regarded for its practicality and capability.

In India, the Hilux is exclusively available as a dual cab pick-up truck.

The Hilux's unique combination of practicality and capability is unmatched by other vehicles in the Indian market.

Toyota arranged a challenging route through the Rajaji National Park to showcase the Hilux's capabilities.

The Hilux shares several components with the Fortuner, such as the ladder frame chassis, independent front suspension, and 2.8-liter diesel engine.

The Hilux boasts a longer wheelbase and rear overhang, resulting in a 26-degree departure angle and 29-degree approach angle.

The diesel engine produces 204 PS of power and low-end torque, making traversing rough terrain easy.

The Hilux's cabin features durable, hard-wearing plastics, a utilitarian design, and comfortable seats, and the pick-up truck can carry a payload of 435 kg.

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